Tisar Play is a dynamic art studio. DESIGNER MANUFACTURER AND INSTALER of indoor play areas and systems and a supplier of play equipment, 3D themed decorations, kids room furniture and other play attractions.

Tisar Play offers a comprehensive service, accompanying all stages of the construction of the indoor play area from the concept through design - visualization, functional arrangement of space, equipment of reception, bar or birthday rooms. At every stage we support the customer with service, knowledge and experience gained during the installation of many projects in the country and abroad.

Trust our professionals change a concept into a safe, unique and profitable kids play centre.


Key objectives

Potential of Our Team creates Your Success!

Tisar Play presents a consultative approach accompanying our clients on every stage of the construction of a sucessful business.

Beauty & Utility

As a designer and manufacturer of indoor play structures, Tisar Play optimizes its offer to provide for their clients creative and conceptual play areas equipped with interesting components that stimulate kids imagination and have positive effects on the motor development from early age. Play areas can be themed and have unusual form of decoration so that kids easily enter an imaginary world of a Pirates, Knights or Astronauts.

Our designers have extensive experience in the industry and will offer you a creative solution that will make buzz on the local market.
We have individual approach with the careful selection of colours, materials, fabrics and decorations.


It is our priority. We use only certified and controlled materals all of them fulfill the requirements of the EN1176 norm. We work with Polish controlling organisations of kids play areas.


Taking into considerations clients' objectives and budget our designers offer you an optimized project tht fulfills the needs of the youngest in order to make a profitable business.

We will advise you on the best playground structure and decorations to make your playground attractive and sucessful.

Our offer is particuraly for those who want a UNIQUE THEMED playground adding 2D i 3D elements that will create a impressive atmosphere that will last in the visitors' minds.

Take advantage of our offer if you want to make your playground attracted by the presence of regular customers, often coming long distances to once again find yourself in a world which debuted on their imagination and memories.

Reputable and certified materials fulfilling required norms. Have our own transport and instalation service. Tisar Play provides guarantee service. Our designers have a consultative approach.

Principles of cooperation

Comprehensive service

We offer our customers a wide range of products and play components in order to provide them with a fully-equiped play area.

On the basis of the clents objectives and budget an offer is usually supported by a simple 2D project initially dividing the space of a play area into funcional sections; main area, toddlers area, party rooms, reception, changing rooms etc.

Having consulted more details the folowing stage is 3D visualisation of all playground - to be - its interior with attractions and decorations.
Graphical visualization is based on the current architectural design provided by the customer.

Having decided upon the structure mix, theming, atractions, furniture and estimated project budget the trade agreement is to be signed. It specifies the cooperation and the scheduled plan for the various stages of the project.

Our team

Tisar Play is a team of people who work with passion they are carpenters, welders, heavy tailors, space designers, graphics and decorators.
The construction is supervised by a project manager and the head designer.

Our working backgroud allows us to produce most of the elements in our manufacture located in Upper Silesia.
It limits the time and costs of installation of a play structure and other elements on the spot.

Alltogether We Create The Success!!

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